Neat Info

How to send group text messages
On your Iphone
Without special apps or charges
No matter how large the group


1. Press the “Contacts button on your cell phone’s screen. Select the first person you want to receive your text message and click on the phone number. This will place the phone number on the "To" line.

2. Press the “Contacts” button on your cell phone’s screen again. This will take you back to the screen where you selected your first contact. In the same way, you can add additional contacts to the list of people set to receive this message. Keep repeating until you have constructed the entire list to receive this message.

3. Select the ““Send a Message” option on your cell phone.

4. Once you have done this, you can type (or speak) the text message you want to send. Proofread the message before sending it out.

5. Click the “Send” button and the message will go out to the entire list you have chosen to receive it, no matter how large the group.


The “I phone” has no built in method of sending the entire group at once, even if you make a group on your computer and sync it through Itunes. You still have to select each and every contact on that list, one at a time.

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