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You have taken the first step in your home security and the safety or your family. You probably have all these items in your tool box. If not, go to your local home improvement store and obtain the items you don’t have (drill bit, cotter key). These items will cost you about $5.00 and you can apply this safety principle to your doors or as many of your friend and neighbors doors as you want.

The items you need to complete the job are:

1. Drill

2. 1/8” drill bit (about $3.00)

3. 1/8” cotter key (pennies)

Instructions:  (6 easy steps to a more secure space)

1. Place the lock in the locked position before you do anything else.

2. Measure ½” down from the tip of either end of the deadbolt lock handle.

3. Install the 1/8” bit into your drill.

4. Drill through the deadbolt lock handle and allow the bit to pass completely through the handle and into the lock plate on the door. Do not drill any more than you need to just to pierce the plate.

5. Remove any burrs the drill bit left behind, and you are almost done.

6 . Place the cotter key in the hole you have just drilled, and your door is now secure.

The test to perform for your own satisfaction is just to turn the deadbolt lock handle on the inside and notice it will not turn the lock. Your home is secure any time you are inside.

This security measure can be used in conjunction with any other security measure you have taken. Now, the only way a burglar can enter your home is to break a window or knock down the door. Both of these methods will create a lot of noise and alert you and your neighbors the home is being breached.

Good luck and safe living.