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Hi, I'm glad you are reading this, as it will benefit you the rest of your life.

We don't get enough Vitamin D into our bodies since we spend most of our time inside working or playing.

Are you bothered by repeated episodes of respiratory problems every year which seem to get worse by the year? I have found a way to greatly reduce the need for antibiotics to combat these common ailments. Do yourself a favor and continue reading below.

A doctor I am not! Just a guy who has discovered a way to curb those lifelong ailments. I have been plagued with respiratory issues all of my life: asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and just the run-of-the mill infections in the airways. Antibiotics have been prescribed multiple times a year all of my life to control these issues. In 1999 I started taking this "Sunshine in a Capsule" religiously, 4000 IU's every day and since '99 and the only side effect is; I feel great without respiratory issues.  I have only had two episodes with any breathing issues, and my allergies do not  bother me nearly as much. Please read this article:
Guide to better Health, to find out what doctors are just now beginning to understand about a huge deficiency in our diet. The deficiency I refer to is "sunshine". We are all cooped up inside and are not exposed to the sun (best resource of Vitamin D) or if we do venture out, we use sun block which filters out all the beneficial rays of the sun. Sun blocks do reduce exposure which would be conducive to skin cancers, so we are between a hard place and a rock and don't get the full beneficial effects of the Sun. As you read the above link, you see that increased levels of Vitamin D in the blood have some tremendous benefits.

If you take Vitamin D from your pharmacy there is some benefit, but you loose much of the "D" in the liver which converts it to a useful form. To gain the full benefit you must take it in the state which the body can use with greater efficiency. (read this for more info)

We make this available to you at a much lower cost than you can obtain at your local pharmacy and we deliver it to your home or office.

One thing to keep in mind; taking this product must be done with the long-term benefit in mind. It will not cure any current ailment, but in the long run it will build up your immune system to be able to fight off those pesky ailments.

I have been taking this product for several years now and it has greatly reduced my trips to the doctor's office. My friends and acquaintances have been told of it's benefit, and most have taken my advice are reaping the benefits from it.

You know, I could go on and on forever as some info commercials do, and fill you full of useless information, but the truth of the matter is; when you try this product for a year, you will look back and realize you haven't had those pesky colds and respiratory issues you have had in the past.

If you spend 20 minutes in the full Sun, you receive about 18,000 IU's of Vitamin D, so you can't OD on the product, but you need not take nearly that much to receive full benefit as the Sun, and there is no risk of overexposure to the sun and the possibility of skin Cancer.

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It's a great feeling, being well most of the time.
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